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You will need: plastic plate, paper towels, Golden brand (or any other) acrylic paint in green (or mix your green with a yellow and blue) red (I used Quinacridone Red), a sage leaf or other herb, sprig of rosemary, acrylic paint brush, 140 pound hot press watercolor paper or 110 pound card stock paper in white.

Place the spine side of the sage up on the plastic plate and brush the leaf with the red acrylic paint. Place the sage in the lower right corner of the paper. Cover with a paper towel and gently press all parts of the leaf. This will transfer the paint onto the paper. With the rosemary, brush green acrylic paint onto one side and carefully place it near the sage on the paper. Cover with another paper towel and press more firmly on all parts of the rosemary to transfer the paint onto the paper. Be sure to press firmly on all parts and then gently pull up from the stem.
Any firm produce will work: like broccoli, peppers, mushrooms and onions. Cut them sharply so you create a flat “stamping” surface!
After your images dry you can embellish them with an ULTRA fine Sharpie permanent marker to add a crisp edge.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at:

This is a playful project to do with a child or grandchild too!


  • 2011 Painting to honor WIC, Bend, Oregon
  • 2011 'Mountain Spirit', Tumalo Art Co., Bend, Oregon
  • 2011 - Manifesto painted on column at The Common Table Restaurant, Oregon Street in Bend
  • 2010 Hot and Cool, Tumalo Art Co., Bend, Oregon
  • 2009 'Reflecting Possibilities', Tumalo Art Co., Bend, Oregon
  • 2008 'Journey of the Heart', Tumalo Art Co., Bend, Oregon
  • 2008 2nd Street Theater featured artist for play 'Menopause the Musical', Bend, Oregon
  • 2008 Tour of Homes, Featured Artist for Branic Homes
    with live painting in progress, Bend, Oregon
  • 2008 'A Feast of Italy', Pronghorn Clubhouse, Bend, Oregon
  • 2008 'In Full Bloom', Sunriver Lodge, Betty Gray Gallery
  • 2007 'In The Garden', Tumalo Art Co., Bend, Oregon
  • 2005 Recent Work, Cafe Sintra, Bend, Oregon
  • 2003 'Places of Grace', Tumalo Art Co., Bend, Oregon
  • 2001 'Windows Into Summer', Broken Top Club, Bend, Oregon



  • 2011 Growing Up, City Hall, Bend, Oregon
  • 2011 Brown, Marquiss, Rollins, Franklin Crossing, Bend, Oregon
  • 2010 Hot and Cool, Mary Marquiss and Nancy Becker, Tumalo Art Co., Bend, Oregon
  • 2008 Marquiss & Mukumoto (teacher/student) Oregon Bath & Body, Bend, Oregon
  • 2003 Places of Grace, Tumalo Art Co., Bend, Oregon
  • 2002 'Fallscape', Tumalo Art Co., Bend, Oregon
  • 2002 'Florals', Tumalo Art Co., Bend, Oregon
  • 2002 'Warming Up', Watercolor Society of Oregon, (WSO) Astoria
  • 2001 'European Images', Sunriver, Oregon
  • 1999 'Three Feathers', WSO, Portland