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The elegance and strength of a single flower has always been the primary focus in my art. How such beauty emerges from the dark, cold ground and flourishes with warmth and light is the source of great joy as I recreate them.
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My travels through Europe over the past 20 years have given me a rich source of images to paint from in my studio, from my French window and door series to my textured Tuscan pots.
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As a writer and artist, I combined my passion for food, family and art to create two cookbooks with my sister Jan: The Marquiss Kitchen I and II. These images are just a taste of what you will find inside my cookbooks. I teach classes on “How to Create a Family Cookbook” including gathering recipes and stories, design decisions, production choices and art illustration at Cooking Schools, Resorts and Colleges throughout Oregon.
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But wait. There is more. Here is a sample of other images I like to explore, from vineyard scenes in watercolor, my western spiritual design, to abstract cruciform images using words and printing inks.
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